About Us

Company background

Since 2004 Patricole Investments is still going strong. Being a wholly owned Zimbabwean company and headquartered in Chitungwiza Tilcor Industrial Area, we are the leading distributor of industrial equipment and services in Product Coding & Marking, Electrical, Mechanical & Process Automation, Secondary Packaging, Industrial Weighing & Inspection and Capping, Filling & Labelling.  We serve both the local and regional markets. Our success in leading the industry is attributed to our customer focus strategies as well as selection of accredited reputable and quality focused O.E.Ms in Africa, Europe and Asia. As a result, a sizeable number of customers put their trust in our company, having allowed us to supply them with high quality and reliable products and services during our history and the years ahead.

Our Portfolios

The Product Coding & Marking.

We offer various types of industrial printers for coding and marking of best before and manufactured dates, batch numbers, barcodes, logos or any necessary coding required before products are taken to customers or end-users. The flagship brands are Leibinger (Germany) and Anser U2 (Taiwan), and we aim to provide reliable, economic, robust and durable solutions.

Industrial Weighing & Inspection solutions.

The company continues to diversify to grow so as to satisfy the dire needs of our customers and ever-changing global trends of production. Our latest partnership with Minebea Intec (Germany) in the provision of. Products include dynamic checkweighers, industrial metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems, vessel and silo scales amongst other process weighing and automation product range.

Process Automation, Electrical & Mechanical.

The function of this portfolio is not limited to the supply of electrical and process control instruments, but goes further to incorporate automation and process control projects.  Endress & Hausser, Ashcroft, Fairchild, Vaisala, Anly, SMC, Autonics are our partners in this division.

Capping, Filling and Labelling.

Available machinery include bottling, self-adhesive, label applicator and labelling machines.  We have partnered with Marcopack (Spain) to give you solutions that will help you achieve optimal efficiency and simultaneously producing high quality products.

Secondary Packaging.

We believe in the old industry cliché which says “Although secondary packaging is the last thing on your mind, it is the first thing your customer sees.” Product range include carton sealers, carton erectors, pallet wrapping equipment, strapping tools and associated consumables such as sellotape, steel/plastic strap, shrink & pallet wrap . SIAT M.J Millis (Italy) and Transpak (Taiwan) are our partners.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our strategic intent is to become the world class and undisputed leader in the provision of industrial plant equipment and services in the categories of product coding & marking, electrical & process automation, secondary packaging, industrial weighing & inspection solutions, capping, filling and labelling.


Our Mission

We provide innovative industrial plant equipment and services that meet our customers’ requirements and help them to operate safe, reliable and efficient production processes.


Brand Values

  • Consistency in service delivery
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism.
  • Efficiency
  • Fair value

Our Creedo

We believe…

….we are in business because of the trust we earned from our customers.

….teamwork allows us to serve our customers better and faster as we acknowledge that no single one of us is better than all of us put together.

….that we should aim to be the BEST at what we do and NOT the BIGGEST.

….that at the center of our thinking and acting, is our values.

Our Company Culture

Since its founding, the company’s philosophy has been to focus on high quality and innovative products. Guaranteeing top product quality demands strategic partnerships with accredited and quality oriented O.E.Ms. Forming partnerships which enable us to offer innovative solutions that are geared towards revolving market needs shapes how we do business.

Our highly qualified staff play an equally important role in the continued success of Patricole. Their attitude is also crucial to the success of the company. They are proud to be part of Patricole, are passionate about their work, enjoy it and work professionally together as a team. We develop our people by challenging them, encouraging them to think outside the box, act independently and by providing them with professional and personal training opportunities.

Patricole management team is exemplary, motivated, highly optimistic and has trust in their teams. Flat hierarchies enable us to be flexible and efficient. Becoming customer focused is one of our key drivers to success. Offering undisputable customer support and closely collaborating with our customers has enabled us to build stronger and successful long lasting relationships which promote business growth.