Small Character Printers

Entry Line

Our entry line is positioned for customers who would want to consider inkjet printing technology based on low equipment prices and still pay attention to reliability in production as well as benefits of high quality products.

Basic Line

The basic line is comprised of printers for all standard coding and marking requirements. The printers are ideal for a wide range of applications and have a diverse portfolio of inks. Featuring many practical functions that make your everyday life easier, these exceptionally efficient CIJ printers can be easily integrated into your production.

Universal Line

The Leibinger universal line is the comprehensive and universally applicable complete solution in the entire manufacturer’s organization. This range is equipped to take on current and future complex coding and marking tasks whether standard, high contrast, extreme or demanding environmental conditions

High-Speed Line

The high speed line consists of printers for high speed applications. The printers are capable of non-impact printing of clearly legible characters on a wide range of surfaces and materials with printing speeds of up to 1000 m/min. Whether you are printing cables, pipes, bottles, cans, foils or metal sheets, either the JET Rapid, the JET Rapid Wire or the JET Rapid Wire PI printer is best suited to your labeling process.