Large Character Printers

Large Character Printers

Thermal Transfer Printing (TTO)

Thermal transfer printers are mostly used at the individual product level  of the packing process where there is need to print best before dates, batch numbers, bar codes, serial numbers, logos.  TTO is ideally suited for printing on non-porous packaging material, especially food packaging. A second common use of TTO is to print the variable information on pre-printed (coloured) labels. The high resolution makes it possible to create high quality graphic prints like logos, texts, symbols and bar codes.

Thermal printing technology

Thermal printers offer two types of printing methods which are thermal transfer and direct thermal. Typical applications of thermal printers are barcode printing, shipping labels, patient and visitor identification, receipts, ticket printing, product identification; circuit board tracking; permanent identification; sample and file tracking; asset tagging; inventory identification; certification labels such as UL/CSA; laboratory specimens; cold storage and freezers; and outdoor applications.

Thermal inkjet technology

Anser U2 thermal inkjet technology is the worldwide leading thermal inkjet technology (T.I.J), providing the most cost- effective and maintenance free industrial inkjet printing solutions. The foundation of Anser is centered on affordability, no maintenance, superb print quality, economical and reliability.