Coding and marking in the electrical and electronic industry


The electrical and electronic industry is a vast world on its own, with a very wide variety of products that differ in size and shape. These vary from the smallest PCB components like resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors, to larger products like high voltage cables and transformers…to mention but a few. All these need to be marked and coded for traceability, identification and protection from product piracy.

The printed information includes;

  • Company logos
  • Device models
  • Device symbols
  • Part numbers
  • Length and identification markings in the case of electrical cables.


Patricole offers the perfect solution in those regards, the top of the range small and large character printers (from the Leibinger and Anser brands respectively) that we supply will make sure the job is executed to your full satisfaction.

Secondary packaging in the electrical and electronic industry


This industry hosts a wide variety of products that are fragile and sensitive and hence need special care during transportation and storage. Any mishandling will result in either mechanical damage, radio frequency noise transmission, electrostatic discharge among many other problems. To prevent such unfortunate occurrences, Patricole invites you to its secondary packaging portfolio for solutions. We offer tools that will make sure your products are properly packaged and the loads are unitised and intact for transportation and storage. Our state of the art machinery from SIAT and Transpak in the form of case erectors and sealers, pallet wrappers and strapping machines/tools along with the associated consumables are more than equal to the task.


Weighing and inspection in the electrical and electronic industry


Weight is one of the most important physical variables in this industry. Electrical machines have specific, expected weights beyond which or below which they are deemed defective and unfit for use. Electrical and electronic equipment that can be packaged in multiple numbers have to be check-weighed before dispatch to make sure that expected quantities have been packaged.

Moreover, in thermal power stations where coal is the main raw material, weight measurement plays an integral role. The coal fed into combustion furnaces have to go through check-weighers / weigh-feeders to make sure the correct proportions are being fed for efficient combustion to take place. It also needs to pass through metal detectors and electromagnets to make sure no metal pieces will be fed into the furnace.

As Patricole, through our industrial weighing and inspection portfolio, in partnership with Minebea Intec, we supply high quality weighing and inspection equipment that includes;

  • Platform scales
  • X-ray detectors
  • Check-weighers
  • Metal detectors


We also supply spares and accessories like load cells and controllers, and we service, assize and calibrate the equipment as well.

Automation in the electrical and electronic industry


The fact that there are huge plants dedicated to electricity generation shows that electricity generation is a demanding process that requires precise control and automation. And for any process to operate at its optimum level, tried and tested equipment should be used. As Patricole, in partnership with ANLY, Autonics, Endress + Hausser and Ashcroft and Fairchild through Protea, we pride ourselves in being suppliers of the supreme quality tools that you need, we offer a comprehensive range of electrical and automation equipment that cater for all your process needs.


Our equipment include;

  • Process controllers
  • Process sensors/transducers
  • Process transmitters
  • Circuit control components (relays, timers, counters, power supply units etc)
  • Variable speed drives
  • Paperless recorders


We are the one-stop-shop for all your electrical and automation needs.