Strapping for Mine Sites


Safety standards in the mining industry are high. Heavy machinery, equipment, odd shaped parts and materials shipped to and from mine sites are heavy and therefore often strapped to pallets. We offer strapping material in wide variety of sizes and strengths which is safe, stronger and shock absorbent considering the corrugated roads in remote mining sites.

You can choose strapping and tensioning tools from our wide range of manual, battery and pneumatic tools. We have specific tools and associated accessories that provide you with consistent breaking strength. You can have the strongest strap in the world but if your joint closure is weak you still end up with a weak system. The steel buckle is the strongest joint closure you can use. The buckle is not dependent on a tool or operator and therefore the same system breaking strength (strap and buckle) is always guaranteed.

To safely secure your cargo or mined minerals inside containers, we offer a wide range of shock absorbent and easy to apply strapping which keep goods safely secured during shipping.

Industrial weighing & inspection solutions in the mining sector


From extraction sites to analysis laboratories, weight information plays a major role in measuring yields, inventory and transactions. The breadth of our weighing product range means that the solution can come with various levels of functionality, technical complexity and ancillary equipment to suit the specific needs and size of your operation.


For a scale to survive in the mining industry, it requires quality construction, innovative technology and leading performance. Truck scales and weighing systems from Minebea are renowned all over the world by the extraction industry for their robustness as well accurate data output during constant use in the most demanding conditions. Our floor scales and platform scales are designed to be used in tough environments and come in ranges of sizes, capacities to suit every application. Our weighing systems can provide a complete inventory system for all incoming and outgoing loads.


Electrical and automation in the mining industry

Mining operations involve the use of heavy-duty electrical machinery like ITH and DTH drills, crushers, high capacity ventilation fans, pumps for water supply as well as water removal, conveyor belts and elevators for transporting ore to the surface and to the smelting furnaces as well. The underground tunnels also need adequate lighting, gas detectors and analysers, and communication mediums between the surface and underground stations. The smelting furnaces also require high level control systems to monitor the temperatures, pressures and flow of the ore and in some cases fuel for combustion. As Patricole, with our high quality, we supply everything from;

  • High voltage plant electricity supply cables of all sizes,
  • Electric motors and the associated VSD’s to drive the heavy duty machinery,
  • Electric motor circuit control components like contactors, relays, circuit breakers and start/stop switches.
  • Temperature sensors, transmitters and controllers,
  • Pressure sensors, transmitters and controllers,
  • Flow sensors, transmitters and controllers,
  • Gas detectors and analysers,
  • Lighting systems,
  • HVAC equipment.