Strapping machines

Strapping machines are the best solution for bundling products which are ready for storage and transportation. The machines can accommodate manual and automatic processing lines. They are the best solution in the corrugated, food, bottle, pharmaceutical, logistics, print and mailing industry. They are categorised as semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic strapping machines.

Semi-automatic strapping machines

These strapping machines are the most economical solution for manual operations. They are compatible for low to medium volume strapping applications. They are categorised into economy and new generation strapping machines. The models are TP-202, TP-203, TP-202L and TP-502.

Automatic strapping machines

These machines offer a comprehensive solution for strapping needs. They can strap small round packages such as plastic pipes, steel rods, hardwood etc. The machines are categorised into Mercury series, Tauris series and economy machines. Some of the models available are TP-702, TP-702P, TP-601L and TP-6000

Fully automatic strapping machine

The machines cover different market demands. These are faster strapping solutions. Some of the models can accommodate moist working environment such as mat, poultry, seafood and agricultural processing plants. The machines are categorised into Mercury and Tauris automatic machines. They are offered in models such as TP-702BPS, TP-601B, TP-702B and TP-601A