Food & Beverage

Weighing and Inspection solutions for the food and beverage industry


Patricole’s extensive range of high-tech equipment for weighing, counting and batching raw materials and finished products, as well as for foreign body detection etc comes in to address quality and food/drink safety challenges faced by manufacturers in the food and beverage industry.

Our truck scale components, silo weighing solutions, range of metal detection and x-ray inspection systems and bench and floor scales check incoming goods for weight content and foreign bodies.

Coding and Marking in the food and beverage industry


The current trends show that consumers are increasingly giving a thought to a healthy and safe supply chain. They are keen to know more than just what goes into their food. This is why ingredients, batch numbers and shelf life information always need to be clearly identifiable. Furthermore, reports about product recalls and consumption warnings are increasingly common worldwide.

Calls for food safety and efficiency by responsible authorities are on the rise and this is why nowadays manufacturers are confronted with increasingly stringent requirements for correct, consistent and legally compliant product coding.

The more transparent a company is, the better for its consumer confidence, customer retention and brand loyalty.

The beverage industry is characterised by production throughput of as much as 100 000 bottles per hour! This is why coding of best before and manufactured dates, batch numbers amongst other necessary information in small letters has to be done within the shortest possible time and during ongoing production. With our coding solutions, JetONE, Jet2NeoS, Jet3UP, coding can be applied at the bottom of the can, on the concave or convex part or on the label at slow or rapid speeds.

Our printers offer the right solutions for every requirement in the foods and beverage categories of;

Bakery products and cereals

Convenience food

Frozen food    

Cold beverages

Packaged food


Fruits & vegetables

Warm beverages

Pet food & animal feed


Poultry, fish & meat  




Typical information that can be printed

Best before dates
Date of manufacture
2D codes e.g QR code, data matrix code
Batch/lot numbers
Company logo
Lucky numbers
EAN codes/GS1 data matrix code
Shift codes
Time of production

What type of materials can be printed?

Glass bottles
Disposable bottles
Reusable bottles
White, brown, green glass bottles
PET bottles
Tetra packs and composite film drink packs
Bottle caps
Paper labels
Foil/plastic labels
Carton/ plastic trays
Shrink wrap

Packaging solutions for food and beverage business


Patricole has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry, covering all relevant applications and offering specialised products such as standalone semi-automatic wrapping machines, semi and fully automatic case sealers, semi and fully automatic carton erectors and stretch film. It is fundamental to consider the specific type of products and pallet load in order to define best-in-class applications for the food and beverage industry for example, carbonated, non-carbonated, frozen food, bakery, meat, poultry e.t.c.  Fencing, compression and safety systems can be fit to achieve packaging lines that have a capacity of wrapping up to 120 pallets per hour.  

Stretch film which is often seen as a commodity within the food and beverage industry is an important component in maintaining load integrity. We have a range of premium quality hand and machine wrapping films to suit any application. OptBev stretch film is the ideal answer to the packaging needs of the beverage industry. This particular stretch film outperforms when used with a wrapping system with a high pre-stretch carriage, such as the new turntable machine SIAT ProWrap or the OneWrap. Our hand films are designed to stretch with the minimum of force applied for ease of application. Simply apply to the pallet and walk around, or place in the film carousel and let the machine do the work.

Electrical and automation engineering in the food and beverage industry


The manufacture of the products in the food and beverage industry involves processes that operate at certain optimum temperatures and pressures within specified times. The processes also involve the mixing of raw materials at specified ratios and proportions in order to achieve the desired quality and palatability. They also utilise mechanisms that ensure that the right quantities of the products are placed in the containers/packages, not to mention the obvious fact that the production lines use electrical and mechanical equipment in the form of electric motor driven conveyor belts along with pulleys, gearboxes and bearings, labelers, shrink tunnels and shrink wrapping machines with purely electrical control panels, to mention but a few. Patricole is there to optimise manufacturing processes by supplying high quality electrical, mechanical and automation products, these include;

  • Temperature, pressure and ratio controllers,
  • Temperature and pressure sensors/transducers,
  • Sensors for product level and capping machines,
  • Electric motors,
  • Contactors, overload relays, circuit breakers, push buttons and other accessories for electric motor circuit control,
  • Bearings, pulleys and gearboxes.