Coding and marking of pharmaceutical products


Coding and marking of pharmaceutical products is highly critical as it enables required traceability and offers protection against counterfeiting. With our range of Leibinger solutions, standard codes such as PPN are printed in the highest quality, print output is clear, high contrast and legible which is indispensable for 100% identification.

Weighing and inspection of pharma products

Our wide range of high precision weighing equipment ensures that all materials that will be used in the production process are exactly as ordered. Great precision in terms of establishing and reproducing the exact quantities of individual contents used is guaranteed in the development of new pharmaceutical products. Patricole’s range of weighing equipment, which includes bench and floor scales, and digital and hygienic solutions for weighing process vessels, has been optimised for precise quantity control both during production of active ingredients or drugs in primary processing and in secondary processing during conversion of active drugs into products suitable for administration.

Our x-ray inspection equipment range is suitable for checking contaminants during packaging of finished products in individual packages and single products. Check weighing and inspection solutions ensure that products leaving the factory will satisfy final customers’ expectations. Final checking before goods are delivered to customers is necessary especially where secondary packaging is additionally required or where multiple product types or package sizes are combined in a single delivery. Our high-precision floor scales which are designed to weigh loads ranging from 3kg to 3t and high capacity checkweighers which can handle up to 100 items per minute, each weighing up to 60kg can meet all such demands efficiently and cost-effectively.

Secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products


Our range of secondary packaging equipment includes everything from simple, standalone wrapping and strapping machines, to fully automatic wrapping and strapping systems which can be customised to fulfill every need you have to get your product from the warehouse to the customer. Our complete range of pallet wrapping machines includes semi and fully automatic devices which have the capability to wrap one pallet per hour all the way to 130 pallets per hour using fully integrated conveying and safety protocol.

Our strapping machines start from small fixed strapping heads for parcels to solutions for pallets and larger objects. Hand strapping tools are suitable for offline unitizing of products. Easy to use, you simply place the strap around the load tension, seal and cut using one of our ergonomically designed steel or plastic strapping tools. Our extensive range also includes battery or pneumatically powered tools.

Patricole’s range of premium quality hand and machine wrapping films is designed to suit any application including black films for security purposes. Our hand films are designed to stretch with the minimum of force. No more need to pull the film tight, simply apply to the pallet and walk around, or place in the film carousel and let the machine do the work. Steel, plastic (PET) and PP strapping in various sizes, colours and even printed strapping for product identification are in our range.

Automation in the pharmaceutical industry


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most quality sensitive industries, merely because of the fact that the life and death of humanity hinges upon it. The chemicals which are used to manufacture the pharmaceuticals have to be strictly mixed in the right ratios and proportions, even the slightest deviations will render the end product poisonous and detrimental to human health. There is also the need of testing and analysing throughout the manufacturing processes inorder to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements, quality assurance and Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Standards, hence the processes are highly dependant on thoroughness, exactness, accuracy and precision. All that can never be achieved manually, automation is the heart-beat of this industry, and as Patricole we take pride in the high quality automation products that we supply. These include but are not limited to the following;

  • PLC’s and PID controllers,
  • Laser and infra-red based analysers,
  • Photoelectric sensors,
  • Temperature and pressure sensors/transducers,
  • Electric motors and VSD’s to run machinery,
  • Electric motor control circuit components like contactors, relays, switches and circuit breakers.