Case Sealers

Patricole Investments is the official distributor of SIAT carton sealing machines. SIAT carton sealers are commonly used in industries such as food, logistics and warehouse. They come in variations of manual dispensers, semi-automatic, automatic and hot-melt. The carton sealers can be set up as individual packaging stations or to be part of fully automatic packaging line.

Semi-automatic carton sealers

These carton sealers can be set up as an individual packaging station. They seal cartons both at the top and the bottom. They are categorised in two variations which are manual adjustments and random adjustments. They come in different models such as SK1, S26, SM48, XL46, SK20 and SK2.

Automatic carton sealers

They come in different models such SM11 range, SM44HD and SM11HS.They can be manually adjusted or randomly adjusted.

Hot melt carton sealers

Hot melt technology are fully automatic sealers which can only be accepted by automatic machines due to initial investment and cost reduction applicable on long runs. Hot melt sealer doesn’t require the presence of an operator except for the glue adjustment and feeding.