Weighing and Inspection of agricultural produce


The agribusiness industry, in covering a wide range of activities relating to the business of agriculture, has a great demand for technology that facilitates filling, weighing and inspection of materials and products, technology that Patricole supplies via its portfolio of industrial weighing and inspection solutions.

Bulk materials such as fertlisers, feedstuff and food products must be weighed, packaged and delivered. We have an extensive range to efficiently and reliably check incoming goods and stored materials for weight content and foreign bodies. The Dymond Bulk efficiently detects and eliminates all kinds of foreign bodies including metal, plastic, stone, clumps of dirt and grass. Our truck scale solutions, silo scales and other bench and floor scales offer the robustness needed for weighing bulk materials at the same time offering a high degree of weighing precision. All solutions can be supplied for use in outdoor environments, with suitable IP and lightening protection and with high resistance to moisture, corrosion, dust and temperature variations.

Coding and marking in the agribusiness industry


Our coding and marking range, both automated and manual fulfils your coding and marking requirements. New regulations and legislations in the agricultural sector for example the E.U Plant Passport, are calling for implementation of coding and marking solutions.

Typical marking include

  • Botanical/farm name
  • Registration number
  • Traceability code
  • Country of origin
  • Company logos
  • Variable characters and text
  • Barcodes
  • Graphics
  • Quality logos/quality marking/quality seals

Our Leibinger and Anser brands both manual and automated can easily and quickly print the required information. Many thanks to the wide range of functions and models of our solutions! We have the right solutions for any labeling and coding requirement, every budget, production environment, material and product. Our fast drying inks are forgery-proof, tamper-proof and smudging is a thing of the past.

Baling of agricultural products


The agricultural industry is characterised by secondary packaging activities of various agricultural produce and baling is included amongst these activities. Baling requires unique expertise. Bale weight, stored energy and expansion after processing must all be considered when designing a solution. In extreme cases, bales can explode if incorrectly strapped causing danger to employees or damage or unloading problems if being transported. Dirt particles, weather impacts and mechanical effects, during transportation and storage are enemies of the baling process. You can easily face these challenges with the right PET Tensium Strap applied by the right pneumatic strapping tool.  

Patricole’s PET strap is so reliable that when used with our most powerful battery strapping tool, you can completely replace steel strapping and realise massive cost savings. We supply a large range of heavy duty Polyester PET strapping and steel strapping which are guaranteed to keep heavy loads safe and secure during transit. Our plastic and steel hand strapping tools are designed for easy manual product unitization.

Electrical and automation engineering in the agri-business industry


With every aspect of industry evolving towards automation, the agri-business industry will not be exempt, and with a projection of a world population of 9.7 billion people by 2050, farmers will need to increase their agricultural production from the current levels by significant margins. This can only be possible if they harness the power of automation in order to bring efficiency to their systems. As Patricole, we are ready partners in those regards, we supply state of the art tools that will make such endeavors a reality.

We supply equipment for automatic irrigation systems from tried and tested brands, this includes;


  • Controllers,
  • Valves,
  • Pumps,
  • And level sensors for water tanks

We also supply control system elements for temperature sensitive environments like greenhouses and egg hatcheries, these also include;


  • Temperature controllers,
  • Temperature sensors,
  • Fans and heaters.