Pallet stretch wrappers

Patricole offers SIAT stretch wrapping machines which are designed to wrap palletised load with stretch film. They come in variations of turntable, robot pallet wrappers, rotary arm and fully automatic wrapping machines. They are mainly used in industries such as food and beverage, winery, logistics and warehouse, chemical and metals.

Stretch wrappers have the following main purposes:

  • Savings of film consumption
  • Professional package
  • Quality control – with a stretch wrapper you obtain repeatability. Loads are wrapped to a set quality standard.
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Turntable stretch wrappers

The frame bottom will be rotating whilst the film will be wrapping the carton from bottom to the top. There are different models such as OneWrap, SW2 and ProWrap.

Robot stretch wrappers

Bee Wrap is the mobile wrapping machine for palletized loads suitable for every shape, dimension and weight using stretch film.

Rotary arm automatic stretch wrapper

Rotary arm semi-automatic stretch wrapper

Stretch film dispensers

These are handheld mobile dispensers used when wrapping pallets in a more efficient way. They come in the form of SR-T, SP38, SP50, ISP50 and ISP38.