CL4NX Plus Thermal Industrial Printer (RFID encoding available)

SATO’s CLNX Plus Series is the industry’s leading 4-inch and 6-inch industrial thermal printer designed to meet the requirements of mid-range to high-end label printing environments.


SATO’s CLNX Plus Series is the industry’s leading 4-inch and 6-inch industrial thermal printer designed to meet the requirements of mid-range to high-end label printing environments.

Designed to save time, reduce waste and fit seamlessly into existing workflows, the CL4NX Plus is ideal for a variety of barcode & RFID applications across industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, food and healthcare.

User can achieve significant efficiency gains with its enhanced print speed and high quality printing. It is built for demanding industrial printing applications as well as micro-label applications such as labelling printed circuit boards (PCB) of small electronic products.


*NEW* Faster optimisation for RFID label encoding & printing

Supports UHF, HF RFID and NFC printing and encoding. New SATO RF Analyze function significantly speeds up initial setup for RFID labels.

Industrial durability

Die-cast aluminium frame, print and ribbon mechanism provide solid stability. Metal casing including front panel and side covers for protection against industrial environment.


Enhanced precision

High accuracy printing makes CL4NX Plus ideal for PCB labelling of electronic products that are getting ever smaller.

Faster performance

Increased print speed of 14ips even at 305dpi boosts operational efficiency and productivity.

Standalone printing

Using Application-enabled Printing (AEP) within printer, operator is able to connect printer with peripheral devices such as barcode scanner, keypad, etc. for PC-less printing which saves cost and space.

Dynamic integration

Multiple interfaces such as serial, parallel, LAN, USB and WLAN available. Competitive language emulations enable direct replacement of printers in legacy applications.

Brochure / Datasheet

CLNX Plus Brochure/ Datasheet





Manufacturing: Raw material to product labelling for greater traceability

Built for tough industrial use, CL4/6NX Plus helps manufacturers achieve traceability from raw materials to finished products, which is important when recalls become necessary. The printer also serves as a key component in RFID systems for managing returnable transport items (RTIs) and other factory assets.

Electronic manufacturers can leverage SATO’s heat resistant labels and CL4/6NX Plus for high precision printing of micro PCB labels for their electronic products that are getting ever smaller.

Automotive: Effective identification tagging for productivity boost

CL4/6NX Plus is ideal for automobiles and parts makers to boost efficiency and productivity.

With AEP and PDF Direct Printing, printer processes data in PDF format from PC to print, cut and sort ID tags automatically without worker intervention at high accuracy. User can also print directly from PLC to printer and easily implement same printing application at any manufacturing plants.

Retail/Apparel: Back room to in-store visibility for higher sales and customer satisfaction

Ideal for high-volume distribution label printing, CL4/6NX Plus helps prevent incorrect deliveries of goods from warehouses to stores.

Retailers can also achieve more efficient stocktaking & visibility of store inventory by re-labelling products from factories with RFID. A wide range of labels, tags, tickets for various needs from markdown to anti-tampering are available.

Transport & Logistics: Supply chain labelling for enhanced agility and visibility

Suitable for labelling across the supply chain, from goods receiving to inventory management and shipping, user can save various label templates in CL4/6NX Plus for easy selection and setup.

Printer is compatible with a wide range of labels (including special types such as 3-layer labels) used for the shipping and return of goods. It also supports high speed and volume printing to meet the demands of rising e-commerce orders.