HM11-T hot melt carton sealer

HM11-T is designed to seal with hot melts glue boxes of the same size. The box coming from a filling station the bottom flaps sealed, it is taken away by the drive belts towards the machine where injectors dispense 4 strips of the hot melt glue. The top glue dispensing applicator dispenses the glue on the top flaps while boxes pass through the machine before the top flips folding. The glue applicator adjusts the glue temperature and volume.


Technical data:

Output 1200 boxes per hour
Drive belts speed 21m/min
Power supply 2 x motors (0.18Kw) each


Box dimensions:

Maximum Length 600mm,  Width 500mm,  Height 500mm
Minimum Length 200mm, Width 150mm, Height 150mm