HM11-TB hot melt carton sealer

It is an automatic hot melt case sealer with 12 different application programs which can only be accepted by automatic machines and can easily be integrated into an automatic line. It seals with hot melt glue boxes of the same size. The box coming from the filing station with the bottom flaps sealed is taken away by drive belts towards the machine where injectors dispense 4 strips of hot melt glue. A system of flap compression rollers provides the proper pressure of boxes.  There are automatic top flap folder device which closes the top flaps of the boxes.


Technical data:

Output 1000 boxes per hour
Drive belts speed 21m/min
Working height 500 – 750mm
Power supply 2 x motors (0.18Kw) each
Control panel Main switch start, stop button, stop emergency button, photocells


Box dimensions:

Maximum Length 500mm,  Width 500mm,  Height 500mm
Minimum Length 200mm, Width 150mm, Height 150mm