HM145 hot melt carton erector

HM145 is an automatic carton erector with side drive belts and manual adjustment. It seals with hot melt glue the bottom of the boxes. The operator fills the box storage with boxes and adjusts the machine then turns “ON” switch. The machine automatically takes a box from the boxes storage. A carriage drags the box which is automatically opened by a box opener lever. Then the box is taken away by a second carriage through side drive belts to start the folding operations.


Technical data:

Box storage 150 boxes
Output 500 boxes per hour
Power supply 2 x motors (0.55kW) each
Control panel Equipped with box counter, box timer, low box storage alarm, glue end alarm, full line alarm after the machine.


Box dimensions:

Maximum Length 560mm,  Width 350mm,  Height 450mm
Minimum Length 200mm, Width 150mm, Height 200mm