STSR 3 Buttons 19/32 with seal

It is a powerful and reliable strapping tool which makes use of a seal. It is designed to use in industrial heavy duty applications strapping on flat and round surfaces. It is available in two versions: 3 buttons model (standard) and 2 buttons model (on request). The tool is available as standard in 3 strap sizes: 19 mm, 25 mm and 32 mm.


Technical data:

Tensioning Max. 9000N
Strap type PP or PET straps
Strap quality Bright / blue/ high tensile
Tension speed Max. 16m/min
Strap width 19mm up to 32mm
Strap thickness 0.63mm –0.8mm
Air pressure 6/7 bar
Weight 10kgs
Joint type Seal double notch (length min. 45mm)