TP-733VLM Fully automatic vertical strapping machine

TP-733VLM is a fully automatic strapping machine which is adaptable to various pallet strapping applications using a friction weld sealing technology. The machine maximises productivity by applying straps consistently and accurately on the pallet load and minimizes the production cost by its high speed and stable operation.TP-33VLM can be easily fit in all different end of line packaging sectors.


Technical data:

Tensioning range 1 100 – 3 200N (standard)

200 – 1 200N (option)

Strap type PP and PET straps
Strap core size 406mm
Power 220V, 380V, 400V
Speed Up to 72 pallets per hour
Strap Width 12mm,15.5mm, 19mm
Weight 445 kgs