Vito High and Low Pressure Compressors

This is a brand manufactured by SIAD Machine Implanti, an Italian company, and the compressors supply pressurized air for blow-moulding machines for PET and PLA bottles.


Oil free and moistureless air supply is a pre-requisite for the efficiency of blow-moulding machines, and VITO compressors offer the best solution. The characteristics of the compressors are as follows;

  • Efficiency
  • Safety and reliability
  • Flexibility, they can be adjusted to suit different pressure ranges
  • Compliance to global standards
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Sustainability

The pressure range for high pressure compressors is 100m^3/h – 6000m^3/h, and the low pressure range is 600m^3/h – 2100m^3/h.

The compressors are applicable to various industries which include food and beverage, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical.