Jet Rapid Wire PI

Leibinger Jet Rapid Wire PI is a high speed printer for cables, pipes and wires, with ultra-high throughput and maximum extrusion productivity on dark surfaces and insulating materials. The printer marks and produce up to 700m/min and due to the possibility of using light-colored pigmented inks this printer is eminently suitable for printing on dark backgrounds.


Benefits of the Jet Rapid Wire PI


100% Quality made in Germany – Robust and Durable

Leibinger printers represent the highest of quality and reliability in product marking. Development and production of all printer components is done in Germany and for decades Germany is well known for experience in precise engineering, ingenuity, high quality materials and ultimately premium industrial products. Leibinger printers have a longer warranty period of 24 months, state-of-the-art hardware, windows embedded operating software which enables error free handling thereby making the printer more user friendly.  All these factors reinforce Total Quality Management practices of any quality focused organisation.

Highest availability

Like all other Leibinger printers, the Jet Rapid Wire PI is equipped with Sealtronic nozzle seal system. When the printer is switching off during planned shutdowns, the gutter moves to the nozzle to create an airtight circuit, whereby the ink does not dry in the print head. Consequently;

  • Printer is always ready to use even after prolonged shutdowns
  • Maintenance-free starting without rinsing cycles
  • Instant initialization with reliable print quality
  • No more need for labor-intensive cleaning
  • Production losses can be consistently prevented
  • Uses fewer consumables


Measurable increase in productivity

Extreme high marking and coding speeds of 700m/min provided by the Jet Rapid Wire PI significantly accelerates production process thereby adding value and increasing efficiency of the production line. Single-line high-contrast quality print outs are achievable at speeds of up to 700 m/min. An Ethernet interface and digital I/O makes the Jet Rapid Wire PI easily integrated in any application. The compact print heads with stainless steel housing seamlessly adapt to your system in any mounting position, and even for overhead applications.



Jet Rapid Wire PI is a high speed printer with intuitive operation. A single push of a button starts the Jet Rapid Wire PI and is ready to print in less than a minute. The Windows-based 10.4” touch display, large operating elements and a wide variety of menu languages, custom user interface with indicators for filling levels and printing speed, customizable quick access buttons amongst other features make the Jet Rapid Wire PI as much user-friendly as possible.



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