The JET One printer is 100% German quality and offers the functionality users need to code and mark manufactured goods or small batches at a reasonable price. A two line printer for all products, materials and surfaces.


The JET One is a printer for any industry, product or substrate. It prints variable and fixed data such as best before dates, manufactured dates, batch or lot numbers or even graphics on glass, wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, ceramic, technical composite. It doesn’t matter whether the coding needs take place on a concave, convex, flat, rough, smooth, relief molded surface. Different product surfaces pose no challenge at all for the JET One.


Benefits of Jet One


Highly reliable and available

Leibinger printers are equipped with automatic SEALTRONIC nozzle sealing system. Each time the printer is activated to shut down, this unique technology enables the gutter to move towards the nozzle and make an airtight seal. This ensures 100% protection against ink drying out, even after prolonged shutdowns. This guarantees the Jet One an instant start up and a clean print image because time consuming and labour intensive rinsing cycles and daily servicing are eliminated. With the Jet ONE, printer related production losses are a thing of the past.


Low operating cots

Due to an inbuilt compressor, Leibinger printers do not require external compressed air. It intentionally dispenses with maintenance-intensive, continuously running gear pumps, is only triggered at intervals of approx. ten seconds for one stroke and works completely thermo-decoupled from the electronics unit. This lowers both energy costs and solvent consumption. An automatic drop and tear control also saves ink. And if something needs to be serviced after 6,000 operating hours or one year whichever comes first as a rule, only small wear parts need replacing rather than expensive complete assemblies.


100% Quality made in Germany – Robust and Durable

Goods manufactured in Germany are well known for precise engineering, state of the art hardware and software, high quality, durability amongst other characteristics. Leibinger printers have a longer warranty period of 24 months, a stainless steel casing and windows embedded operating software which enables error free handling thereby making the printer more user friendly.  All these factors build up to a high quality equipment which will reinforce Total Quality Management practices of any quality focused organisation.


Easy integration into your production

A wide platform of interfaces allows you to integrate the JET One at any desired integration level. From simple data connection to complete full integration.  The compact print head with stainless steel housing also adapts seamlessly to your system in any installation position, even for overhead applications.